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    Huba’s delivery terms are basically "ex works", unless a different form of delivery has been agreed upon with the customer. The costs for the delivery include a flat rate for packaging.

    If the Customer has ordered two or more products and not all the ordered products are available and ready for shipment, then the Customer will be notified thereof and will be advised of the length of time the products are expected to be still available. At the Customer's request, the available products will be shipped out immediately, and with respect to products not in stock, shipment will be made as the products become available. In the latter case, the Customer must bear the shipping costs for each shipment.

    Information regarding availability, delivery terms are not binding unless the customer got an order confirmation stating the delivery date.

    After the generation of an order in the online shop the customer will receive an automatically generated, printable confirmation of receipt stating the customer's order information. This automatically generated confirmation does not yet constitute our acceptance of the order.